Welcome to Common Europe Congress 2021 in Copenhagen, Denmark, the largest IBM Power Systems community gathering in Europe with in-depth workshops, deep dives, presentations. See the exciting agenda below; see more and register immediately: https://comeur.org/cec2021/ 
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Nuala Greest

CSI Limited
Lead Power i, Technical Consultant
United Kingdom
I've been immersed in the world of IBM I systems for over three decades, starting from 1991. Throughout my career, I've navigated through diverse industries like security, retail, and insurance. However, it was in the realm of Managed Services that I discovered my true calling, dedicating the last 13 years to this dynamic field. My wealth of experience and expertise places me at the forefront of my domain, playing a crucial role in driving success and innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of IT and technology.  
Sunday, October 31

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Monday, November 1

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Tuesday, November 2

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Wednesday, November 3

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