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Steve Cast

Redbourn Business Systems Ltd
Managing Director
United Kingdom
I am the Founder and Managing Director of Redbourn Business Systems. I started my career as an RPG programmer in 1984, then became an early adopter of the CA:2E/Synon CASE tool in the late eighties, project managed multi million pound projects and subsequently formed Redbourn Business Systems in 94. I am an expert in project management, systems analysis, database design, technical architecture and the software development cycle. I uniquely combine both technical and business skills. I'm an IBM Champion since 2022, a regular speaker at IBMi events, former chair of the CA:2E/Synon User Group and currently Marketing Director of the i-UG; the UK's largest IBMi User Group.

In 2021 I was appointed as the Berlin Packaging IT Director, UK, Ireland and South Africa. Berlin Packaging is the world's largest hybrid packaging provider, with a presence across the globe and with revenues approaching $5B. As IT Director, I am responsible for setting and implementing the IT Strategy for the region with budget and resource responsibility.
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